We Set the Bar for Home Inspectors in the Berwick, PA, Area

If you want to hire home inspectors in Berwick, Pennsylvania, that will provide you with an expert inspection, evidence-based results, and five-star customer service, then turn to the professionals at CSI Inspections. We boast a wide array of professional associations and certifications that speak to our position as a leader in the industry. You can rely on us to provide you with:

A Range of Services

We can provide a wide array of services, including general home inspections, commercial building inspections, walk-and-talk inspections, and preventative maintenance inspections. We even provide specialty services, including inspections for mold, pools and spas, wood-destroying organisms, and septic systems, as well as water and radon testing.

Detailed Reports

A home inspectors, we believe in the power of visual information. That is why we provide the highest quality photos, and will annotate recommendations in your report with orange or red shapes, so you’ll know exactly what you’re looking at. We also include easy to digest information that is broken into individual sections, such as Interior, Heating and Air Conditioning, Electrical, and so on. Additionally, our reports are mobile-friendly, and will be delivered to you within 24 hours of your inspection so you can take any necessary actions quickly.

Excellent Support

Once we have delivered your report, we will schedule a follow-up consultation with both you and your agent where we can discuss the report in-depth, provide recommendations, and help you decide on your best course of action.

If you would like to learn more about why we are the most trusted home inspectors in the Berwick, PA, area, contact CSI Inspections today. We can answer any questions you may have and schedule your inspection.