Inspections for Wood Destroying Organisms Available in Northumberland & Throughout the Susquehanna Valley

Close-up image of a termite on a wood surface.

Some signs that wood destroying organisms have caused damaged to a property are obvious. For example, you might notice buckling floors or visibly worn wood beams. However, other signs are more subtle and may be present in spaces, such as attics and crawl spaces, that aren’t easily accessible.

When considering purchasing a home or commercial property, it’s important to schedule an independent wood destroying organism and termite inspection, as it may prevent you from having to spend thousands on pest treatment and repairs down the road. In Northumberland and throughout the Susquehanna Valley, CSI Home Inspections is the company to call for detail-oriented assessments and reports.

Our Approach to Termite Inspections

Though often called a termite inspection, an inspection of wood destroying organisms should also detect signs of other issues, such as infestations of carpenter ants, wood-boring beetles, and dry rot. At CSI Home Inspections, we have extensive experience performing such inspections on local homes and commercial properties and will provide a detailed report with high-quality photos.

Additionally, we take pride in offering flexible home and commercial inspections. For example, you can schedule your wood destroying organism and termite inspection as a standalone service or make it a part of your general property inspection. We make it easy to get a price and schedule an inspection when it’s convenient for you.

Learn More About Our Specialized Pest Inspection Services

Having a wood destroying organism and termite inspection is critical to ensuring a property is structurally sound and won’t soon require major repairs. Contact us today to learn more. Don’t forget to ask about the other specialty services we offer in the Northumberland, PA, area, including radon testing, water analysis, and inspections for mold, septic systems, and pools.